Surf Lessons / Rentals / Packages

wilkins miguel Dominican Republic 2018
Dominican Grom 5 years old and ripping

Beginner Surf Lessons

This 1.5 hour surf lesson is designed for people who want to give surfing a go, but are unsure whether they want to get into the sport.

It is a good option for families and children as we spend most of the lesson in the water having fun.

It won’t teach you everything you need to know to become a surfer, but it will give you a fun introduction to riding waves in Dominican Republic and there is every chance you will stand up and get hooked.

Surf Lessons


1 on 1 lesson                                          US$  40     p.p

2 people or more                                   US$  35    p.p.


melina Dominican Republic 8 years old
8 year old local Dominican Grom


 Surf Lesson Packages

3 day surf lessons                                  U.S$ 105  p.p.

5 day surf lessons                                  U.S$ 165  p.p



Intermediate  lesson

1 on 1 lessons                                        US$  55    p.p.

dominican surf , surf dr, cabarete
Photo by : @elpupi78 (Jorge Mijares)



Surf Rentals

High Performance boards (all sizes)  US$ 25,- per day

Long boards                                            US$ 25,- per day

Soft Top Surf boards                              US$ 20 – per day

Boogie boards                                         US$ 8 ,- per day

Dominican surf , Surf d.r. , photo Jorge Mijares
Surfer : Roberto Pereyra



Surf Packages

3 days rentals                                                        US$   55,-

3 days rental (HP)                                                   US$   70,-

1 week rental (Fish, Soap bar & long boards)   US$ 125,-

1 week rental (HP)                                                  US$ 150,-

2 weeks rental or more…                                   negotiable

3 days lessons (2 persons or more)                      US$ 125,- p.p.

1 week lessons (2 persons or more)                     US$ 250,- p.p.


We also offer professional Surf Photography