Caribbean Surf Connection Surfing Events

Caribbean surf connection is dedicated to providing support and opportunities for children through surf events, transportation, food assistance and educational courses …

Our goal is to provide underprivileged children with the chance to experience the joy and benefits of surfing in Dominican Republic. We aim to create a safe and inclusive environment where children can learn and develop their surfing skills while also fostering personal growth confidence and a sense of community.

By traveling around the island and hosting events at different beaches .Enabling them to participate and enjoy the sport regardless of their financial circumstances. Caribbean surf connection seeks to not only introduce children to the sport of surfing but also instill values such as teamwork, respect for the environment and love for the ocean..


We have 4 different categories. Contestants can choose up to 2 categories…

  • 17 – 15 (BOYS AND GIRLS)
  • 14 -12 (BOYS AND GIRLS)
  • 11 – 8 ( BOYS AND GIRLS
Event # 2 Jan 2 , 2022 La Izquierda (coconuts, Hide away)
The girls in 14U getting ready for there heat.. (L-R) Nina Smiciklas (las terrenas), Melina peña (cabarete), Ona Spina (las Terrenas)
Event #1 Jan 14-15 2023 (L to R) Isael Brito (la boya), Ángel Pimentel (la boya), yriel sevastian (la boya), Kenedy constant (las Terrenas) Cristofer Michel de Los santos (las Terrenas), Joel Pimentel (la boya), Paderlin Fernández (la boya)

Getting ready for Event # 1 Jan 12-13 2023 with Surf Dreams Foundation crew from (South Carolina)

Event # 2 March 11-12 2023 Las Canas (beach comber)

13 year old Joel Pimentel from La boya..

Caribbean Surf Connection making Connections that last a lifetime… Event #2 January 2, 2022
Our First Caribbean Surf Connection Event October 9, 2021 with Gnarly Charlie from NSB, Florida…

Thank you to our Sponsors and collaborators for making these events possible….