Photo Sessions

Jorge Mijares, freelance photographer for Eastern Surf Magazine and Rambler Surf Magazine, is on the Dominican surf beaches with us everyday serving you the freshest shots. Born and raised in Miami, El Pupi a.k.a. Gordo, has been surfing and shooting in the Dominican Republic for the last 20 years. It’s safe to say Jorge is the force behind The Search D.R., always checking the upcoming swells, watching the beaches, and staying informed with locals from coast to coast to know what’s really happening with the surf in Dominican Republic. He’s always stoked and has a chihuahua named Gucci, 3 pitbulls, and on the beach with him and his wife Gaudy are their 5 kids.

Jorge “El Pupi” Mijares

Photo sessions run by the hour.

First hour is $50 USD
Second hour is $40 USD
He uses a professional Canon camera and lens 100 to 400 mm

We’re always getting the best shots in Dominican Surf. Check our Instagram feed at the bottom of this page or Click Here.

These are some samples of his work shot with some of Dominican Republics best surfers: Pedro Fernandez, Zion Balbuena, Victor Peralta, and Arturo Pereyra. Jorge also shot professional surfers Benny Borgeois and Shane Beschen.



orge Mijares published in Eastern surf Magazine Dominican Republic
Pro surfer Pedro Fernandez at The left in Playa Encuentro Published in Eastern Surf Magazine
Jorge mijares Photo Published by Eastern surf magazine
Zion Balbuena Dominican pro surfer getting the shot on Eastern Surf Magazine
Jorge mijares photos published by rambler surf magazine New Jersey
Rambler Surf Magazine Spring 2018  ..New jersey..  Next Surf Trip , Dominican Republic ……… Photos :Jorge “El Pupi” Mijares



Jorge Mijares Photo published by eastern surf magazine
Arturo Pereyra Dropping in on a bomb last hurricane season


Jorge Mijares Photo Published on Eastern Surf magazine
Empty Surf In the Dominican Republic