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Dominican Republic has some of the most consistent surf in the caribbean located in the island of Hispañola  in the Greater antilles archipelago of the Caribbean region. It occupies the eastern five-eighths of the island, which it shares with the nation of Haiti. We have almost 800 miles of coast. It’s a true tropical surf paradise with a multitude of reefs / beach breaks facing various directions, the opportunities for waves seem endless. Crystal clear water and a backdrop of jungles, rock cliffs, lush mountains and endless empty beaches make the Dominican surf session as memorable as the waves themselves.


We are located on the  North coast of Dominican Republic where we receive swells from the W/NW/N/NE/E direction the most consistent surf area between 330 and 350 days of the year with a wide variety of surf spots: from mellow Point breaks to heavy Beach Breaks and waves in between. Auttumn and winter are more consistent with bigger swell reaching our coast line.

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The town of Cabarete is located approximately 11 miles from the airport of puerto plata and roughly around 50 miles from the airport of Santiago de los caballeros. These are the two airports we suggest you fly into, if you decide to fly into Santo Domingo it would be roughly a 4 hr drive. Cabarete is the epic center of surfing and of all different types of  water sports  in the Dominican Republic . The combination of consistent surf and night life atmosphere makes Cabarete a great vacation destination for everyone from the Family surf adventure to the solo soul surfer. In the summer months the swell is mostly smaller from the E with E wind swell usually in the 1 to 5 ft range. September and October are the peak months for Hurricane surf for those of you planning strike surf missions. Beginning in late October /November the surf kicks up and the swells are usually form the NW/N/NE with bigger surf in the forecasts (2 to 6 ft + ), this usually lasts  through April.

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We offer surf lessons for the beginner and intermediate levels. Our surf lessons are held at Playa Encuentro. We also Provide Dominican surf tours (half day / full day) with a bilingual surf guide and professional photographer to capture your Dominican surf session . We have surf board rentals from soft tops to high performance short boards just incase you left your board at home or prefer to travel with out one. We have a board for every condition all of our  surf rentals are higher end surfboards in great conditions. jorge mijares

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